Our History

First Masjid and Madrassah

 In 1962 a derelict warehouse on Bradford Road went on the market and was bought for £1500. The building had fallen into serious disrepair; it only had three solid walls, rotted wood made up the fourth, and the floor was three feet below street level, made up of loose earth. A respected member of the community, Haji Ebrahim Patel, would bring sawdust and lay it over the ground before putting down the prayer mats for Friday prayers.

Despite low wages, the local Muslim community donated generously and two years later, following extensive renovation, Jumma Masjid was officially opened, and five times daily prayers established.

Jumma Masjid was one of the first Masjids to be built in the UK, until it’s inauguration point congregational prayers for Jumma, Tarawih and Eid prayers would take place in locations such as  elderly  people’s homes, town halls and even churches. Daily prayers would be offered in one’s own home.

Maulana Ebrahim Navsarka established the first madrassah in 1961 in his own home on 65 Warwick Road, teaching 8 children free of charge.  This madrassah was also subsequently moved to Jumma Masjid.

May Allah accept the service of all our community members past and present.